Saturday, March 8, 2014

Patient behavior - sense of entitlement

Whereas doctors working in the private sector generally enjoyed great respect from their patients -- as a professional whom their patient consults, doctors working in the public sector generally do not
enjoy such status. The trouble? Wages are being paid by the taxpayers, and this often create a sense of entitlement among the citizens.

Given the amount of work, it is not surprising that most doctors staying in the public sectors are enthusiastic towards patient care and are eager to help their patients. However, it should be borne in mind that we doctors are also human beings and have our families and life outside work.

Consider these three questions:
  1. If you are rude, can you expect the doctors to stay professional in their judgement?
  2. If you are swearing, can you expect others to be caring for you?
  3. If you are attacking their colleagues, can you expect them to uphold their professional standards and give their best to treat you?

Unfortunately, for the doctor, their answers to these three question needs to be "yes". However, I wouldn't be expecting a doctor to stay smiling when faced with personal attacks.

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